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Why all the hype about coaching, anyway?

Compelling coaching stats :

  • 42% of respondents initially accessed coaching to improve individual/team performance

  • 42% said that actually the most important outcome of their coaching experiencewas improved communication

  • 40% said their most important coaching outcome was increased self-esteem and confidence

2017 International Coaching Federation Global Consumer Awareness Survey

Dive Deeper

About Diane

Diane Down, from Kamloops, is a speaker, facilitator, coach, and trainer. She has spent twenty-five years equipping and mentoring adults and youth to lead from their strengths. Whether leading from the front through teaching, facilitating a circle, or 1:1 coaching, she holds space in an atmosphere of trust for launching rich dialogue. She has a canny knack for listening to the narrative and unearthing patterns to get to the essence of a matter.

Diane's leadership lens is informed by a Master’s Degree in Leadership, ICF coaching certification, and Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching certification which well qualifies her to come alongside individuals and organizations to build team cohesion and inspire visionary momentum.

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