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Acknowledgement: Supercharged Feedback

You’re Amazing! You’re so sweet! That was awesome! Superlatives as compliments seem like you’re building up a colleague with superhero status, but in fact are not useful at all as a form of feedback. I can easily brush off a superhero compliment, but when I am offered the gift of well-placed acknowledgement, my spirit soars.

When we are noticed–our work, our effort, our presence, our compassion–and it is acknowledged, powerful motivation sparks fly. Compare “You’re awesome” to “I really appreciated the extra hours you gave for the completion of the project. It was key to helping us get the finished product to the client on time.” Which of these is more motivating? “I’ve noticed your passion for addressing poverty in our city, it’s really inspiring,” versus “You’re amazing.”

Supercharge your feedback by giving specific acknowledgement linked directly to the work at hand. It’ll boost motivation and affirm your colleague’s connection to their “why.”

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